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About Dr. Bilski

Did you know that Dr. Bilski is also a teacher?

Dr. Bilski has spent so much time sharing his knowledge with other doctors all around the world! He speaks at events, workshops, and even has written entries in a dental textbook. Why does he do all of these things? Well, because he believes that it is important not only to help share his 32+ years of dental experience but because it helps him stay sharp!

"When you teach a lot of times, you actually learn from those that you're teaching because the questions that come up just help you further your knowledge."

– Dr. Bilski

In fact, these weekly blogs that we release are also a way that Dr. Bilski likes to educate, except this is for you, the patient! Knowledge is power, and when you know more about how to keep your mouth and teeth healthy, the better you can take care of yourself! 

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If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Bilski and the dental services he provides check out our website and contact us today with any questions, or to schedule your appointment.

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StellaLife – Intelligent Healing

Posted By Dr. Bilski
October 14, 2021 Category: StellaLife

Stellalife is a natural alternative mouth rinse that reduces inflammation, kills bacteria, and helps the healing process within your mouth after surgery or just in

90 Minute Crowns in Independence, Ohio

Posted By Dr. Bilski
October 11, 2021 Category: Crowns

At the Bilski Dental Group, we have the technology to provide a crown in just one appointment!

Non-Metal Dental Implants

Posted By Dr. Bilski
October 05, 2021 Category: Dental Implants

When it comes to tooth replacement solutions, dental implants are by far the best option. They offer long-lasting, natural-looking teeth that give you all of the functions of your natural teeth. Zirconia implants offer even more

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